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Presented by 'Houses on the Moon Theater Company' and the 'Society for Immigrant & Refugee Rights'

DE NOVO is the gripping true story of fourteen-year-old Edgar, who fled Guatemala's deadly gangs and his legal struggle to be allowed to stay in the United States. This documentary play crafted entirely from immigration court transcripts as well as interviews and letters, provides a rare glimpse into the lives of undocumented youth, many thousands of whom make the harrowing journey across the border and through the U.S. system of justice every year.

HOUSES ON THE MOON THEATER COMPANY exists to dispel ignorance and isolation through the theatrical amplification of unheard voices. They help communities come together and make meaningful connections through the public sharing of their untold stories. Through original performances, post-show discussions and pre-and post- performance issue-based creative workshops, Houses on the Moon is able to offer communities a powerful tool to educate and offer support around the complex issues of our time.

THE SOCIETY FOR IMMIGRANT & REFUGEE RIGHTS is a student run organization at the Columbia University School of Law. SIRR is dedicated to promoting a dialogue about the rights of refugees and immigrants in the Unites States and globally.