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Presented by Culture Project & Theatre at St. Clements

"The first-ever 'It' couple, Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald came to embody the success, glamor and excess of 1920s America. Their meteoric rise came at a cost, and later in life Zelda was confined to a mental hospital. This Side of Paradise explores the lives and loves of the Fitzgeralds, from their first meeting in 1918 in Montgomery, Alabama, until Scott's death in Hollywood in 1940. The musical puts the primary emphasis on Zelda as she delves into her past during sessions with a young doctor, searching to find the true meaning of her life with Scott, one of America's most celebrated writers." (

"CULTURE PROJECT is dedicated to addressing critical human rights issues by creating and supporting artistic work that amplifies marginalized voices. By fostering innovative collaboration between human rights organizations and theatre, music and film artists, we aim to inspire and impact public dialogue and policy, encouraging democratic participation in the most urgent matters of our time." (


"St. Clement's was founded in 1830, and currently serves Manhattan's Theatre District. In 1962, St. Clement's was reconfigured to include a theatre and embarked upon its theatre ministry, symbolized every Sunday by their famous Mass in the Theatre. They remain the second oldest, continually operating Off Broadway Theatre in New York City. A pioneering congregation in celebrating of the ministry of women, of gay and lesbian people, and those of all walks of life; a longtime center of service to the poor, celebrating social activism and creative liturgy, they are one of the most diverse Episcopal parishes in New York City." (